I have worked extensively with students impacted by mass incarceration with the goals of increasing computer literacy, access to digital educational content, and resources for STEM-related coursework. To achieve these goals, I have served in the following roles:

Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP), 2018 - Present

Computer Lab Facilitator

Facilitated the instillation and maintenance of computer labs at three correctional facilities (Cayuga Correctional Facility, Auburn Correctional Facility, and Five Points Correctional Facility), curated digital content for CPEP courses and extracurricular programs, provided instruction in basic computer skills, and facilitated weekly computer lab sessions for CPEP students.

Advisory Board Member

Provided advisory consultation on issues related to budgeting, programmatic operation, strategic planning, development efforts, and recruiting.

Curriculum Committee Member

Reviewed Cornell rostered courses offered through CPEP and made recommendations for broader directions of course offerings.

University of Illinois Education Justice Project (EJP), 2013 - 2018

Computer Lab Coordinator

Managed program organization, volunteer recruiting, and scheduling in the EJP computer lab at the Danville Correctional Center, oversaw acquisitions of hardware and software, and identified funding opportunities. Successfully applied for a grant of $1,650 from the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois and managed a $20,000 portion of a $1,000,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Workshop Facilitator

Facilitated semester-long workshops on a variety of STEM topics, including computer programming using Python, computer graphics using OpenGL, data analysis and machine learning for bioinformatics research, and basic computer skills. Also facilitated the development of an introductory computer programming workshop that was taught by incarcerated students with advanced programming knowledge to incarcerated students with minimal programming experience.

Technical Support Group Facilitator

Facilitated a student-led group that provided technical support in the computer lab at Danville Correctional Center.

Reading Group Facilitator

Facilitated a summer reading group on mathematical physics.

Mathematics and Science Learning Partner

Provided support for students in STEM courses including Aerospace Control Systems, Introduction to Robotics, and Non-Euclidean Geometry.